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Couples therapy

Healthy interpersonal relationships contribute immensely to our well-being. We become extremely vulnerable if our relationships do not either work or no longer work as we wish. Relationship problems can be very stressful and affect our health.


If the conflict persists, couples therapy is highly recommended.


As an emotion-focused couples therapist, I aim to assist you in recognizing destructive communication patterns, and to gain insight in order to change them into an empathic communication style. Furthermore, to help understand yours or your partner's emotions such as sadness or anger, despair and hopelessness, and to reach out to the underlying need for closeness and love of our partner, and finally to activate these needs positively.



When is couples therapy indicated?

  • when conflicts prevail and end up in constant arguments or uncomfortable silence
  • ​if one of the partners criticizes frequently, and the other feels hurt
  • ​when one partner withdraws and the other attacks their partner even more
  • ​if one of the partners has had or is still having an affair 
  • ​if psychosomatic problems arise due to constant misunderstandings
  • ​when the closeness and needs of the partners are no longer met due to the general conflicted atmosphere
  • ​if the partners have different needs in their sexual life and these cannot be addressed or resolved together


At the beginning of the therapy, the couple informs the therapist about their situation, and their wishes and goals for couples' therapy. In the first phase of the emotion-focused therapy, the therapist will generally recognize any recurring interactions or conflict cycles, which have led directly to the insecurities and marital problems being experienced. The aim is to de-escalate the conflict cycle and then find a path to the central emotional content of the experience, and to understand the core emotions of the couple. In a second phase, an awareness of one's own deeper emotions is gained, also the true wishes and needs of the partner are understood both emotionally and mentally. Individual sessions with just one partner can also be arranged if desired. Through the mutual deeper understanding, which is gained, the couple reaches the last phase of emotion-focused psychotherapy, namely consolidation, integration and secure attachment with new interaction behaviours. 


Since the Corona pandemic I have also been offering couples' therapies online via Skype.




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Costs and Billing by your compulsory health insurance

The costs of my couples therapy services are covered by your compulsory health insurance. What both partners need is a previous prescription by their family doctor or by another medical practitioner. Please contact me for details.



Another option is to pay for the couples therapy out of pocket.  

A session for couples therapy lasts 80 minutes with 5-10’ for administrative questions, booking a new appointment, etc. The rate per session is CHF 230.00, plus 15% for the mandatory case history.