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I was born in Zurich and then we moved to the lake of Constance. Before studying Psychology at the University of Zurich, I had completed a commercial apprenticeship and attended the interpreting school in Zurich. I worked for two years abroad in Santa Clara in the Silicon Valley in California, then as a language teacher and translator in Murcia Spain and in Geneva. I returned to Zurich to study psychology in the clinical psychoanalytical direction with the minor subjects in psychopathology for adults and neurophysiology, where I then worked for two semesters as a tutor / assistant.



Training and degrees as a Psychotherapist, federally certified

2013 Psychotherapist, federally recognised
2013 Psychotherapist ASP, Association of Swiss Psychotherapists
2008 - 2012 Workshops, Supervision:
  • Focusing according to Eugene Gendlin, with Agnes Wild-Missong
  • Emotionfocused therapy according to Leslie Greenberg, Toronto
2005 - 2009

Psychologist for Psychotherapy FSP
in psychoanalytical psychology and person-centered psychotherapy


University degree lic. phil. in Clinical Psychology, in clinical psychoanalytical direction



Professional activities as a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, federally certified

2014 - heute

Federally certified psychotherapist in my own practice,
Therapy11, Schulstrasse 31, 8050 Zurich-Oerlikon

2009 - 2013

Psychotherapist, in a psychotherapeutic practice, Vogelsangstrasse 52, 8006 Zurich

2008 - 2009 Clinical psychologist, Pünt Süd psychotherapy station, Clienia Littenheid AG, in Littenheid
2007 - 2008 Clinical psychologist in the outpatient clinic of the integrated psychiatry in Winterthur
2005 - 2006

Psychologist at the Psychiatric University Clinic, Zurich, anxiety and depression department

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Doris Kürsteiner
lic. phil. Psychologin
eidgenössisch anerkannte Psychotherapeutin


Praxis Doris Kürsteiner
Schulstrasse 31
8050 Zürich-Oerlikon


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Praxis Doris Kürsteiner
Marktgasse 13
2502 Biel


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