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Emotion Coaching


At the beginning of the personal and career coaching, we will define your needs and objectives. In a second step, we will include the underlying emotions using the emotion-focused method. Because it is the underlying emotions that finally determine our action tendencies.



Personal Coaching

  • During personal change phases and reorientations
  • when difficult decision-making arises
  • to activate my drives and my motivation
  • to follow and realize your goals
  • to reduce stress situations


Emotion Coaching

Emotion coaching is based on emotion-focused techniques that are integrated into the coaching process.



Group Coaching

In addition to the above-mentioned individual coaching, in which only the client and the coach are involved in the coaching process, I also offer group coaching with a group size of 5-7 people. Please ask for a detailed offer.



At the beginning of each session the topics will be discussed and assessed in personal as well as in career coaching. The emotion-focused method is a powerful tool in the coaching process to resolve some conflict situations or improve decision-making. The perception of healthy (primary) emotions is promoted and old maladaptive emotions and blockages released. New drives emerge and decisions can be made more easily. Through certain questioning techniques and some body language, your resources will be activated and strengthened. 


This process can be intensified with the focusing-oriented coaching, which enables us to feel even more our inner sense and experiencing and include them constructively in communication.


In group coaching, the situation and the objectives are defined as well at the beginning of each coaching session. In the subsequent emotion-focused process, it can be an advantage to insert individual sessions with some participants.




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Individual Coaching

Individual coaching sessions last 60 minutes. Additionally, there will be
5 minutes for ending the therapy or for administrative issues (+-5‘). 

The rate per session is SFr. 160.00

The first three sessions are to be paid in advance or after each session.



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Partner and Group Coaching

Partner coachings last 80-90 Minutes (+-5‘).

The rate per session for partner coaching is SFr. 250.00 for two people.

The rate for a team or other group coaching depends on the frequency
and on the objective, please ask for an offer for your specific needs.